GLAM OR SHAM?: NARS Uses Dog Marcel As Face For Pro Prime Line

Now this is just a "dog" gone shame.
I've seen plenty of strange things when it comes to beauty brands pushing their products. Once when I worked at The Magazine, I even received a pair of designer jeans with a small vial of some very potent face cream. I mean, don't get me wrong, the jeans rocked my world (I still wear them!), but I just didn't understand what they had to do with the face cream.
So, when I read the news about one of my fave beauty brands, NARS, launching its Pro Prime Line and using Francois Nars' French bull dog Marcel as the face, I was just confused. Yes, it's a cute dog, but I just don't associate makeup with dogs. For some reason, looking at this image just doesn't inspire me to purchase these products. Yes, I get that they're trying to showcase how unlined your face will look after using the two products (Skin Smoothing Face Prep and Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base), but I think makeup advertisements should be pretty. Pretty (human) faces and makeup just go hand in hand. After all, isn't that how you aspire to look when you purchase them?

What do you think , Glamazons? GLAM or SHAM?
*image from stylelist.com


artful dodger said...

SERIOUSLY??!!! it makes the ad seem like their products are actually tested on animals...an absolute SHAM!! :/

yummy411 said...

omg! i was just talking with some other bloggers about this same issue. maybe they think they'll appeal to animal lovers as well as beauty lovers?

i know there are beauty/fashion bloggers that have great success using their mascots (cats + raccoons) as guest editors... nars thought they'd jump on the band wagon??

Beautylicious said...

i Totally agree with the above! I didn't even realize that but makeup already gets a bad rap for using their products on animals and to have a dog next to a face primer is just gross. Vaseline approach was more successful in that commercial when they had an alligator walking just to show that your skin won't have dry scales but this is ridiculous.

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