A Day In The Life: My MAC Pro Makeover

Hey Glamazons! If I could get my makeup professionally done every day, I'd be in heaven. So, when I received the e-mail inviting me to a fun night out on the town with other beauty bloggers by MAC, I quickly said yes. And how did the evening start? With a makeover at the MAC Pro store of course! In the words of my good friend Felicia Sullivan, I just knew it was going to be epic. Just check out these pictures below. Afterwards, we were treated to a screening at the Tribeca Film Festival of the movie 'Every Day' [um, Liev Schreiber is beyond hot] and then enjoyed an amazing dinner at NAM.

The artist responsible for my fabulous makeover, Romero Jennings, applying my lashes.

The finished look. Beyond fab!

Showing some love to my sista from anotha mista Heather Park.

Rockin' our finished looks! From l to r: Anne Fritz of The Jet Set Girls; Felicia Sullivan; Dina Fierro; Me; Eva Tolk


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Kelley Woods Makeup said...

love this! .. you look great..and eyebrows beat..

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