New Video Surfaces of Naomi Campbell Punching ABC Cameraman

Well, well, well. Look who got caught attacking people on camera. Super model Naomi Campbell. Are we surprised? I've seriously come to the conclusion that she just has a seriously hot temper.
As you know, I was granted an interview with her minutes before the Fashion For Haiti fashion show in NY. Luckily, she checked her attitude at the door and, although she was a bit short and seemed rather annoyed with me, she was not as mean as I thought she would be.
However, another ABC cameraman was not so lucky to escape her wrath.
Apparently she got angry after a producer asked her if she received an uncut blood diamond from former Liberian president Charles Taylor. (He's now in the hot seat for horrible war crimes.)
After the publicist ends the interview, the cameraman follows her and she punches him in the hand knocking his camera to the ground.
Wow! We wonder if the cameraman will take any legal action. Check out the video below.

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