I Heart Glee! And Sue Sylvester's Spoof of Madonna's Vogue

Along with most of America, I watched the Glee season finale on the edge of my seat. I was given life anew as Rachel (played by Lea Michele) belted out Barbara Streisand, leading my favorite gleeks to win the state competition. Behind-the-scenes, Mr. Schuester had declared his love for Ms. Pillsbury, Quinn and Finn were officially over, Sue Sylvester had finally been defeated and Kurt was still gay as glitter. Amazing!

Then, a hiatus. After playing the finale more times on my DVR then I'm willing to admit, I was thrilled to see Glee return last Tuesday. I missed most of the show, but caught one scene in my hotel room that changed my life for the better: Sue Sylvester as Madonna. With cone bra and all.

I pretty much listen to Vogue atleast once a day while traveling on the 2 train into Manhattan. And as our beloved makeup artist, AJ Crimson said, it is among the best songs, and videos, ever made.

Glee and Vogue, two of my fave pop culture moments, together? More happiness than I can stand!

Check Sue's hilarious parody of Madonna's classic Vogue video below:

Ok, and that's not all. Next week, the entire episode will be dedicated to Madonna! Gleeks, prepare to die and be reborn!

Will you be tuning in? Do you love Glee as much as I do? What'd you think of the comeback episode?



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