Project Runway's Mychael Knight Fall 2010 I Charleston Fashion Week

Every season, a rare talent is discovered in the popular design competition show, Project Runway. Christian Siriano, Jay Godfrey, Korto Momolu and Mychael Knight are part of that exclusive club of Project Runway-bred geniuses. But compared to his aforementioned reality show alum, Mychael Knight's been flying under the radar...save a charming appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And he likes it that way.

His obscurity granted him the freedom to be independent and fiercely creative with his designs. His latest collection, shown at Charleston Fashion Week, is the embodiment of that freedom. Fittingly, the collection of luxury separates and dresses is entitled Carte Blanche which signifies "the power and authority to do as one wishes." The pieces call for a woman that personifies the Carte Blanche mentality; she's free, self-possessed and in complete control.

Where creative freedom would stereotypically lend itself to an explosion of color, Mychael's collection is sleek and minimalist. But the drama is there. Take the color palette of monochromatic black or white looks, for example. Individually, each look's head-to-toe color promotes uniformity. But together, the white and black looks embody the highest level of contrast. 

Complex details like these separate Mychael Knight from the crowd of Project Runway designers: each aspect of his collection is purposeful, inspired and wrought with meaning.

Mychael's flair for the dramatic also materializes in accents like avante garde ruffles and folds that give each piece character. 

By contrast, the fit is very practical and provocative. Peplum skirts, belted suits and sheer embroidered tops accentuate a sexy silhouette. The sensual shapes are perfect for the modern women who Michael Kors says "Mychael knows how to dress...from start to finish."

Check out more looks from his collection below and visit Mycheal Knight for more information.



Photos: Ed Kavishe of Fashionwirepress.com

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Natasha said...

Great work Mychael! I love all the looks in black; he just goes from strength to strength.

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