ABC Claims They Never Rejected Lane Bryant's Plus-Size Lingerie Ad, Calls It a Publicity Stunt

ABC is under fire for their alleged decision not to air Lane Bryant's plus-size lingerie commercial, claiming the ad was too risque. Like, huh? Victoria's Secret models writhe and pose half-naked in commercials during prime time shows all the time, like American Idol for example. The Victoria's Secret commercials are no less "racy." The only difference is that the Lane Bryant models are full-figured. Sounds like good ole prejudice and discrimination to me. And Lane Bryant is not happy about it.

FOX allegedly rejected the commercial as well, after asking Lane Bryant to change it so only the model's face was showing, 'lest anyone realize she isn't stick thin.

The popular plus-size brand took to their website to criticize ABC and FOX for discriminating against plus-size women earlier this week. Now, ABC has responded with a statement calling the ordeal a fabricated "publicity stunt." Messy.

I just can't imagine what reasoning the network execs could have behind rejecting the ad, besides the obvious fact that the model is full-figured. Lane Bryant claims ABC execs felt the plus-size models had too much cleavage, but that's entirely untrue as both Victoria's Secret and Lane Bryant models are on the busty side. And in my opinion, the Lane Bryant commercial is more tasteful that many VS ads I've seen. 

But you be the judge.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Is it discrimination? A matter of taste? Is the ad too racy? Discuss.



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