Earth Day Beauty Crush: New Products With All Natural Ingredients

Hey Glamazons! I must admit that when it comes to earth-friendly beauty products, I'm not always a fan. While working at The Magazine, tons would come across my desk and (although I'm always down to try anything) I sometimes couldn't get past the goopy texture and funny smells. (I won't even go into the story of how one face cream gave me a small rash on my chin. Ew.) With that said, I'm proud to announce that there are at least two great items I've come across that I deem worthy of my body (and mouth). Check 'em out!

Kimberly Sayer Gentle Almond & Lavender Face Scrub
-Non-abrasive and gentle enough for daily use
-Chemical free
-Made with Certified Organic Ingredients
-Deep cleanses and decongests pores while accelerating cellular exfoliation
-Key ingredients include: a trio of organic exfoliating grains such as Almond Meal, Jojoba Beads and Oat Beta Glucan; Rare Ugandan Shea Butter; Lavender Flower Water
Price: $26
Available for purchase at Whole Foods Markets and kimberlysayer.com

Burt's Bees Multicare Natural Toothpaste With Flouride
-Does all things that any other toothpaste does such as prevent cavities, reduce plaque, freshen breath plus whitens your teeth
-Contains 99.2% natural ingredients
-Contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners
-Great for those that have super sensitive gums
Price: $5
Available for purchase at select national grocery, drug and mass retailers. Check out burtsbees.com for more details


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