Fergie Creates A Fragrance

The Black Eyed Peas' singing machine Fergie has teamed up with Avon to release a new scent called Outspoken by Fergie. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Fergie and respect her talent, but I don't look at her as being a front runner in the beauty department. Shoes? Yes. Maybe even a line of athletic clothing or swimsuits. (Her body is banging!) But fragrance? I just don't know about that. But, hey! Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Here's what she told Women's Wear Daily about the upcoming fragrance:

"From my music to my wardrobe, my style is all about speaking up and making a statement. That's why my first-ever fragrance exudes independence. Outspoken definitely turns heads, but it also lets your true personality shine through."

Well, if her juice is going to make people "turn heads" while I'm wearing it, hopefully it won't be because it stinks! WWD reports that the juice is a "bold, floral fruity scent" packaged in a translucent black bottle with a cap inspired by the decor in her bridal suite on the day of her marriage. Outspoken by Fergie launches in September and will retail for $28.

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