Sherri Shepherd and Michelle Williams Divulge Beauty Loves at the Softsheen-Carson Picture of Strength Event in Harlem

Hey Glamazons! You know I'm obsessed with the television show The View, right? So, when I was asked to cover an event this past weekend and heard that Sherri Shepherd was going to be there, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only because she's on The View (ok, well, that was most of the reason) but because I think that she's honestly hilarious.
The former comedian turned actress was one of the hosts for the SoftSheen-Carson 'Picture of Strength' event in Harlem Saturday. Families were invited to come over and have their hair styled by professionals using products from the Roots of Nature Remedies collection and makeup done by artists from Maybelline New York.

They were then allowed to take a professional photograph as a memento from the event. The best part? For each attendee, Softsheen-Carson donated $5 to the Harlem Children's Zone. I'm telling you, beauty and charity always go hand in hand! Singer turned Broadway star Michelle Williams was the other host and hairstylist Johnny Wright was also there. (He's First Lady Michelle Obama's hairstylist.) Although he's not allowed to talk about it nor divulge any information in regards to her style (believe me, I've been trying to no avail to get something out of him since President Obama came into office!) I was still excited to see him because I'm obsessed with the First Lady's shiny, coiffed locks.

After jamming out to the classic old school tunes being played (love me some Chaka Khan!) I was finally offered the opportunity to chat with Sherri and hear about all of her beauty secrets.

Side note: She was also super excited to have had her hair done by Johnny. "I've been touched by Johnny!" was her quote of the day. When asked if she was giving First Lady Michelle Obama a run for her money, she immediately shook her head and said no way. "I asked Johnny if I could have the First Lady look because the First lady look aint no joke," she said, while laughing and patting her perfect curls. "Look! You can't tell where the other hair begins and my hair starts! I was so excited."

Me: How did you find your beauty look?

Sherri: Really just from reading magazines. I like a lot of different looks which is why I like wigs as apposed to weaves. Because wigs, you can take take them off and you can do so many different looks. It's like a hat. But I love doing different looks because it gives you a different feel. You know, I'm a girl. I like being a girl. I like dressing up and putting the makeup on.

Me: What are some of the beauty products that you can't live without?

Sherri: Niecy Nash told me this because I used to think that you had to go out with a full face. Niecy showed me that with just some great foundation, a big powder brush and some black eyeliner, you're good to go. And she told me to rock a great pair of sunglasses and put on some lipgloss. You can still do your diva thing.

Me: Which foundations do you like the most?

Sherri: Well, we use MAC on The View. I love IMAN's stuff. I have that in my purse right now. IMAN has a powder foundation that I put on all the time with a brush and I'm good to go.

Me: Love your smokey eye that you have on today! Is that one of your fave looks?

Sherri: All of the boys like doing a smokey eye on me. I like a lighter eye. I like my eye to pop. For me, what I can't live without, are my lashes. I LOVE my lashes. I call them my Diana Ross strip. Don't come at me with no individuals, I want the full. On The View, they put two strips on me. It feels like a 5 pound weight on my eyes, but I like the lashes because it gives a depth to your eye.

Me: If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing?

I would be doing something with people. I love stand up comedy. I’d probably be doing stand up comedy a lot more. You know what? I’d probably be a waitress doing something like that while I’m going to school because I love people. I think I might be in school trying to do something but I love people so much. And waitressing is something where you are always talking to people. I was always in customer service in some kind of way because I love people. Other than doing my stand up comedy and trying to make people laugh, I think I’d probably be around the same business. Interviewing someone. Trying to make it. Doing whatever I got to do to do what I love. Because I think when you’re doing what you love, everything else follows. You just gotta put in the work to do it.

Look for Sherri in the upcoming Big Momma's House movie with Martin Lawrence. She said that now Big Momma will go to college and is a house mother and she'll play the former house mother. She's also looking forward to jumping back into her Lifetime TV show, 'Sherri.'

For Michelle Williams, it's all about her hair.

Me: What are some of the beauty products that you can't live without?

Michelle: There are so many, but for me it's the hair. We need a lot of moisture in our hair and good products like the Roots of Nature Reconstructing Deep Treatment is very important. I know that a lot of us go to the hair salon and we don't want to stay there long. But you can do it at home. [After applying the deep conditioner] Sit there with your shower cap on for 5 to 10 minutes while you maybe wash your face or something like that. But really I just use lots of moisture and want to make sure that my hair has that shine and luster and keep my ends trimmed. When you get your haircut, you got to keep it cut to keep the shape. So, I'm learning once every two weeks to get it cut.

Michelle also shared that she plans to hit the studio and start recording more music.
"I've got a lot on my heart and I'm just ready to encourage everybody," she said.


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