Jennifer Aniston: Barefoot and Alone in Upcoming Ad Campaign For Her Fragrance, Lolavie

Jennifer Aniston finally opens up more about her soon-to-debut fragrance, Lolavie, in today's Women's Wear Daily. She also released an image for the ad campaign of her sitting alone on a rock, wrapped in a beat up looking blanket and looking cold. If this is the piece of her that she has to offer, then I'm totally not interested. When I think of a celebrity fragrance, I think of something fabulous and decadent. (Yes, I'm obviously a fan of Kimora Lee Simmons' new fragrance, Dare Me and the ads; although I'm still convinced that's not her body.)
But, an image of a woman sitting alone on a rock barefoot at the beach does nothing for me. She looks like the opposite of what I (and I'm sure many other women in the world) strive for; and that's to not be alone. If anything, looking at this ad just makes me feel sorry for her.

However, I am a fan of the final packaging. It looks like a classy bottle that I wouldn't mind sitting on my boudoir. Lolavie will hit shelves abroad in June, but there's been no set date as to when it will hit the U.S. When asked what the name meant, she told WWD that "it's a long story and honestly it's too personal to tell, but it has special significance." Hmmm...a little bit of enigma never hurts to sell a fragrance.
The ad photo was taken in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. David Lipman, who helped to come up with the packaging and the ad campaign for the fragrance had this to say about the shot:

"What you see in the photos is really how she is; she's unrehearsed and free. She didn't want it to feel like a moment of pretension at any point, and even the shoot was very one-on-one. We hope that if people like the purity and the naturalness of who she is, they will want to experience this product with her."

What do you think of the advertisement photo and the final packaging of the fragrance? Do you think that Aniston has a good shot in the fragrance arena?

*images from wwd.com

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