Pantene and Bret Michaels??

Yes, I'm sure that most of you are just as confused as we are, Glamazons! I was super stoked when I received the e-mail stating that Pantene would be announcing a new spokesperson live via a webcast at noon today. I tuned in and there was the current spokesperson, the fab Stacy London, and Bret Michaels. Huh? Then the announcement that YOU could be the next Pantene spokesperson. The brand has a casting call out for the world's first reality hair star (click here to enter). Oh, so Bret was there because of the tie-in with the whole "reality" spin. But, does he even count as a reality star?! Not in my book; and (call me a hater), but I totally don't think that's all his hair (like maybe he has a track or two up in there haha). What about Snooki from Jersey Shore? Or Natalie Nunn from Bad Girls Club? I would have much rather seen these reality stars like the above mentioned. Not Bret Michaels. Ew.

But (all rants aside), the contest looks pretty awesome! Good luck to all who enter!


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Latoya said...

How is Brett Michaels a spokesperson for Pantene? Is that even is hair? Does he even have ANY hair? Come. On.

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