MAGAZINE GLAM: Is Sarah Jessica Parker too Airbrushed in May Vogue...and the Sex and the City II Ad?

Sarah Jessica Parker is something of a fashion icon. So it's only natural that she grace the cover of Vogue for the umpteenth time to discuss the release of Sex and the City II, starring her fashion-obsessed character, Carrie. The surprise here, is well, her face. It almost looks computer-generated.

Everything else about the May cover, shot by Mario Testino and styled by Tonne Goodman, is perfection from Sarah's brilliant blue dress to her radiant smile (she's so charming!) but the photoshop job is scary! It's almost as awful as Sarah's last rendezvous with Photoshop for the Sex and the City II poster, where she looks like she visited Mars in the movie, instead of Abu Dhabi. And what's with her eyes?

With French Marie Claire ditching Photoshop for the April issue, and Kim Kardashian showing up naked and allegedly "not retouched" in Bazaar, we have to wonder why Vogue and SATC II picked the worst possible time to be heavy-handed with airbrushing.

We all know SJP isn't Demi Moore, aesthetically (though Sarah's body is..completely perfect) and that's part of Carrie's charm. The everyday woman, who isn't a beauty God, can relate to Carrie's imperfections (that were highlighted in the episode in the First Season when she was best friends with a modelizer and dated a model who liked her nose because it was "different." Yeah, I'm like an encyclopedia for Sex and the City episodes...but I digress...).

So what does it say to that everyday woman, who related to Carrie, when you have to distort SJP's facial features until she's nearly unrecognizable in order to sell a magazine, or a movie? Nothing positive...nothing positive, at all.

So please, Vogue editors and SATC II ad execs, walk away from Photoshop. Carrie's fine the way she is. Thanks!

What do you think, Glamazons?



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Latoya said...

I really can't stand airbrushing in magazines. First, I think people look funny and unrealistic. They look more like porcelain dolls than humans. Second, this is part of the reason why people have a distorted image of what people really look like. No one is perfect, so why take 20 pounds off people, and take off the unique features they were born with.

They did the same thing with Queen Latifah in the advertisements for Chicago. She was Big Mama and they took off 20 pounds. Sigh. I'm going to stop ranting now.

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