WOULD YOU WEAR?: Underwear as Outerwear?

It's the new rage.

Corsets, slips and lace worn as everyday clothes.

On the plus side, the trend saves YOU money. A lace top, for example, is a piece you can wear under your clothes one day and as the highlight of your outfit the next.

The counterargument is, well, you're rocking your drawers out in public.

My opinion? I'm all for the underwear as outerwear look. Like any good thing (i.e. Louboutins, chocolate, candy), the trend is better in moderation. If you wear head-to-toe lace, you look like a Burlesque dancer, a stripper or Lady Gaga.

But by pairing a corset with a blazer or a lace top with a circle skirt. you achieve the perfect balance of sultry and sophisticated.

When worn the right away, this trend gives your everyday look the most alluring hint of sexiness.

Scroll below for celebrities that get the look RIGHT and some options to nail the trend in your everyday wardrobe:

Rihanna pairs a corset with leggings and a baggy white shirt.

A blazer and boyfriend jeans tone down Eve's racy black and sheer corset.

Don't you just love Zoe Saldana? She's so chic! Here, she lets her bra peek out of her demure button-down shirt and pencil skirt.

What's sexier and more romantic than lace? Leighton Meester pairs her see-through lace turtleneck with a pair of loose-fitting pants.

Fitted pants and a blazer are the perfect accents to LaLa's baby blue corset top. Adorable!

Check out some Glamazon-approved underwear as outerwear pieces from American Apparel, ASOS and more!

Would you wear the look? Discuss.



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worldsextoys said...

nice collections for corset tops..women really look sexy in them...

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