The Amazing Lip Stain That Has Changed My Life!

Ok, so maybe I over exaggerate a bit (per usual when it comes to finding beauty products that I love!) but I kid you not when I say that this lip stain is pretty epic. Why? Because it mixes together two of my most fave things: glossy lips with color that last. You simply must find your newest mark dealer and get your hands on mark's Gloss Gorgeous Stay-On Lip Stain!
I like it most because the formula is non-drying to your lips. I kind of hate the fact that most lip stains don't have any moisture to them and that I always have to apply some sort of clear gloss on top. The mark Gloss Gorgeous Stay-On Lip Stain is all inclusive (moisture + color that lasts without being too harsh and overbearing) and now has become a permanent staple in my makeup bag. (And did I mention that it's in a cute, clickable pen form?! Love.)
There are 5 shades available: Bare (my fave! a nude); Lolli (a cherry shade); Pop (a coral shade); and Bella (a blush shade). Each retails for $9.
Happy gloss-staining!

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