VIDEO GLAM: Christina Aguilera Channels "Human Nature" Madonna and Poses Nude for German GQ


It wasn't until my gay boy toy came over and showed me Christina Aguilera's new video that I became fully aware of her new image which I've dubbed "S&M Mom." My bottom lip was on the floor for the entire video. Why all the over-the-top sexuality? Especially when you looked so cute and wholesome with Jordan and baby just months ago. Ironically, the song is called "Not Myself Tonight." Fitting, because I don't know who she is anymore.

See the video below.

Sure she's been "Dirty" before, but it seems Christina's crusade to be the New Madonna just kicked into overdrive. My speculation is a certain larger-than-life, insane star is responsible for that (Lady Gaga, anyone?). Christina has certainly been inspired (read: copied) Madonna before, but Gaga does Madonna best...my opinion.

Part of Christina's image overhaul includes the cover of German GQ Magazine (above) where she poses in nothing but black lipstick, Christian Louboutin knee-high boots and Gaspar gloves. (Sidenote: I need those boots to survive). I love the pose, but are we feeling her new image? Discuss.




Lianne said...

I am SO over her whole "Image Re-Do" She needs to learn some finesse and keep focusing on her insane vocal skills instead of trying to diss everyone along the way. Madonna HAD to do all of that (The dissing, the over the top image changes) because she was and is admittedly not the greatest singer. Christina doing this at this point in her career screams of desperation for being left behind. Just sing girl....we can hear you.

Lakish said...

I agree with Lianne. I couldn't even watch the whole video because it's a blatant ripoff of Madonna's "Human Nature." Not only that, but the images for "Not Myself Tonight" makes me question who this new Christina is as well because I don't like it one bit.

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