After Wearing Plastic to the Sex and the City II Premiere, Liza Minnelli Announces Clothing Line

Word of advice, Liza Minnelli: If you're planning on launching a clothing line, do not come to a premiere wrapped in a glittery garbage bag.

The sartorial offense was made worse by the exposure of Minnelli's bra underneath the plastic off-the-shoulder top. That bra is clearly not made for show, but it could've been worse. She could've went braless. (Did you lose your breakfast yet?)

And to add insult to injury, the whole reason Minnelli is even at the premiere is because of (what I hear is...) a horrible rendition of 'Single Ladies' in Sex and the City II during the gay wedding scene (the irony of Minnelli performing at a gay wedding after her own, well, gay wedding is not lost on me). Sigh.

And now for the kicker, ladies and gentleman. Liza Minnelli considers this a perfect time to try and tell you how to dress. The star is teaming up with HSN for a line of clothing and jewelry dubbed The Liza Collection via All Headline News.

The limited edition collection of apparel and jewelry is inspired by Liza's personal wardrobe and iconic looks. Expect sequins galore (some even show up on a $130 boyfriend blazer) and lots of diamonds.

Of her line, Minnelli says: "My life has provided me the ability to amass a wonderful wardrobe designed by fashion's brightest stars...I am excited to work with HSN in launching The Liza Collection and to have the opportunity to share my favorite looks with millions of women who want to look fabulous and feel their very best."

To buy your own sequins and bling, visit HSN.com and watch the debut on HSN starting June 30th at 10PM.  Let's hope the garbage bag isn't included.




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