GLAM OR SHAM?: Toni Braxton in a Lace Side Panel Catsuit and Mohawk

Does anyone remember Toni Braxton in the 90's? Stunning, sexy haircut. Leather jacket. Jeans. She was beautiful in the most confident, effortless way. (And wow, that self-titled album was incredible).

Fast-forward to 2010. The aging mother of two seems to be searching aggressively for her "groove" and from the looks of it, she'll never get it back.

She stunned viewers everywhere when she kissed Trey Songz at the Soul Train Awards. (Disclaimer: nothing's wrong with cougarism. I fully encourage it. Just making a case for Toni trying to get her groove back with a young, ripe thing). 

And then, this. Pictured above. Toni Braxton went and got her hair done in a half-shaved mohawk a la Kelis, Cassie, LaLa and crew. 

Followed by a search through Amber Rose's closet for a black halter catsuit with lace side panels! Sure she has an incredible body, especially after two sons. But lace, spandex, a mohawk and camel toe? Stop it. This needs prayer. 

What do you think, Glamazons? Does Toni look fabulous? Or is she trying way too hard? Glam or Sham?

P.S. I AM thankful that she enlisted the Queens for her latest video, "Make My Heart." All my gay friends love it! But again, is that a sheer jumpsuit, Toni? No, no, no...



Pictures: Everything YNTK

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