Christian Louboutin Wages Attack on Fake Louboutins Everywhere

Red-bottomed Christian Louboutin shoes are a staple on red carpets, music videos and fashionistas' closets everywhere. But it seems they've permeated the Counterfeit circuit as well.

While budget-conscious fashionistas like myself opt for sample sales, several are turning to websites and stores that sell fake Christian Louboutin shoes. And the designer is not happy about it.

He is fighting back with a "Stop Fake Louboutin" campaign with a newly launched website against counterfeiters. It includes a video (with a truck crushing hundreds of fake Louboutins) and a list of websites that are selling fake Louboutins alongside the status of actions being taken against them.

Whoa. Most designers, like Alexander McQueen, sue but Christian Louboutin has taken it to the next level.

But it could backfire. How? Well, I'm sure some viewers will just use the site to see where they can score fake Louboutins. Thus, Christian Louboutin will be inadvertently feeding the counterfeit frenzy he hopes to diffuse.

Will Christian Louboutin beat the counterfeiters and the shoe-crazy women looking for a discounted red-bottomed pump?

I have an idea that can help. A line for a retail giant, duh! Christian Louboutin for H&M, anyone?




Liz said...

I think it would be a great idea! I also wait for and prefer sample sales but most of the general public doesn't have time or money for that so they turn to fake pumps!Its truly sad but hey lets just promote this video I guess and help him out!


Anonymous said...

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michelle said...

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