AD GLAM: Givenchy Casts Transsexual Model in Ad Campaign for Fall 2010

Inclusion is in style. The Givenchy Fall 2010 ad campaign will include a transsexual model via WWD.com. Riccardo Tisci, the brand's creative director, opted to cast transsexual model, Lea T., who is also his personal assistant and former fit model. And she looks incredible in the ads!

Tisci noted that including a transsexual model in his ads demonstrates the "masculine-feminine dichotomy" that epitomizes his brand.

I am thrilled to see this kind of inclusion, especially on the helm of the fashion industry embracing plus-size and ethnically diverse models as well. Fashion is for everyone. Bravo Givenchy!

What do you think of Givenchy's decision to include a transsexual model?




Anonymous said...

which one is it?

Coutura said...

She's the female model looking at the camera in both shots...I think...

@FashionFreeP said...

I think this is cool, fashion is changing with the times. As society, we are no longer black or white, male or female, masculine or feminine. Many people fall somewhere in between, we are colorful and not so boxed in, Givenchy and the fashion world realizes it.

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