Check out looks from Patricia Fields' Swimsational Disco Soiree

If I had known that there would be cross dressers, sequins, feathers and boas all over the place at the Patricia Fields fashion show Tuesday night, I would have worn an outfit more suitable for the occasion. I mean, I WAS attending a soiree for one of the zaniest fashion designers of them all (who just so happens to also be the brains behind the Sex And The City costumes) so I should have known better, right? Instead, I was wearing my LBD best and a cute tuxedo jacket; great for a cocktail party, but not for a fashion party such as this. But, alas, I still had a blast and it was nice to hear the cross dressers calling me "gorge" while there, so I didn't feel too bad!
Dubbed a "Swimsational Disco Soiree," the fashion show was a smorgasborg of bathing suits and cover-ups designed by Fields (ie David Dalrymple for House of Field), The Blonds and Ivan Sert. All shoes were from that fab Christian Siriano for Payless collection and gold jewelry from Ippolita. The sunglasses and and beach towels were designed by Field (House of Field).
I was allowed backstage access and got the low-down on this amazing hair created by none other than Rodney Cutler (for Redken). Forget those high-tower buns! It's all about a braid, and this inverted fish-tail braid updo is pretty epic.
"The high fishtail braid is a fun evening look and very wearable," Cutler said of the look. "We've seen so many buns up top and this is just taking it one step further."
[More on the hair and makeup looks in the next post].
Check out the pics below of the celeb attendees and looks from the fashion show below!

Patricia Fields arrives on the scene. I just love her fierce red hair!

The "waitresses" handing out drinks during the party were so awesome! I made friends with them all lol.

The glamazing Richie Rich

The fashion show and party were held on the rooftop at 230 Fifth Avenue. The view here is beautiful at night. I loved the potted palm trees that were all over the place!

Kelly Rowland was at the party as well. I have no clue what Pat was going through when this pic was taken...I think she was yelling or something....smh.

And (randomly) the model Jessica White was there. I'm still trying to figure out why she's relevant...and why she thinks that she shouldn't wear body lotion (ie her continuos state of ashiness, see elbows and heels pictured above) AND why she always has that tacky white deodorant showing underneath her armpits?!

The actual fashion show consisted of models walking around on this deck in the looks amongst mannequins. I loved the looks, but don't the suits are actually functional bathing suits. They're more like "lounging" suits haha.


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