Reebok's Easy Tone Sneakers Will Make Your Body Resemble a Nude Supermodel's (According to the Ad)

I'll wear the Reebok Easy Tone Sneakers in the shower if they can make me look like Helena Christensen. The Danish supermodel, who celebrated her 41st bday, disrobes for the Reebok easy tone ad, putting all 20-something women to shame (or atleast me) via Vogue UK.

Her body is toned, athletic and still feminine, courtesy of the Reebok Easy Tone sneakers (my guess is it's really a result of amazing genes, but that's just my opinion). Created by an ex-NASA engineer, the sneakers claim to tone your leg and rear muscles with every step turning mundane activities into butt-shaping endeavors.

Has anyone out there tried the Easy Tone sneakers? I'm not a sneaker girl (hello...Louboutins) but my neverending goal to achieve a body like Helena's might sway my opinion. Read below how walking around in NYC has helped create her bod:

“Living in New York, I like to walk everywhere, so to have trainers that tone your legs and butt as you walk is fantastic,” she explained. “You can really feel them working and I’ve noticed a difference in just a few weeks. They are comfortable to walk in, it almost feels like you are walking on sand, but by the end of the day you can feel it in your legs almost like you have done a workout.” 

This might be just what I need. Or maybe I can wear them to the gym for double the workout. What do you think, Glamazons? Would you wear the Reebok Easy Tone sneakers? If you already have, please report back and tell us if you've seen a change in your physique. Do you think they'll really work (i.e. make us all look like Helena)? Discuss.

If you're convinced, click here to purchase the sneakers. I, on the other hand, am off to the Louboutin sample sale. Yes, I'm serious.




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Kelley Woods Makeup said...

Okay so yes I read this post..and I can say I love mine!

I do feel a difference..however I was already working out so I may not have felt it like someone who hasn't.

If you walk alot they are for you..! they are not as uncomfortable as you would think.they are actually rather comfortable..

as for working out in them .. they say don't ... however I have..and I have had no problem....

so if you try them..let me know what you think

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