NEW!! Diddy Launches Diddybeats Headphones, Calls Them "Fly as Ferraris"

Diddy and Dr. Dre collaborate on DiddyBeats headphones.

It's been a great past couple of months for King Combs. Diddy's successful clothing line, Sean John, inked a deal to be sold exclusively at Macy's. He joined the Interscope family and added Jay Electronica, Rick Ross and the fashionable Janelle Monae to his roster. And did I mention he has a hilarious role in the soon-to-be-released comedy, "Get Him to the Greek"?

This man doesn't sleep. While promoting his new film on the media circuit (which included a brilliant interview on my fave show, "Inside the Actor's Studio"), Diddy found time to launch in-ear high-performance headphones.

Because it's only right that you Diddy Bop to Diddy's music in Diddy's headphones. Duh.

Yes what you see here folks is Anna Wintour Diddy Bopping at the MET Gala.

Cleverly titled "Diddybeats," the headphones are as durable as they are stylish (and I'm a tough judge. I am always listening to my IPOD on the subway so cute, lasting headphones are a must for me).

A collaboration between Diddy, Monster, Beats by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine (who also helped develop Mary J. Blige's "Melodies by MJB" sunglasses), the headphones will be sold exclusively at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile for $150.

Jimmy Iovine told AllHipHop.com he chose Diddy specifically because "he's a pioneer in marrying music with fashion." And it doesn't get more fashionable than "Diddybeats" headphones. In fact, Diddy revealed to AllHipHop.com he wanted them to look as "fly as Ferraris." Man, I love this guy.

The fly headphones come in white, powdered pink and black. What? You mean no sequined silver color to recall his shiny suit days? Bummer.

Read more about "Diddybeats," Diddy's amazing new artists and what motivates him to stay at the top of his game here.





Bionic said...

Diddy's got some great things going on. He just launched this Diddy beats, now he's going to have the HILARIOUS Get Him to the Greek and then his album later in the month. Get it Diddy!

Sandra said...

Those Diddybeats are ultra dope!
I am so looking forward to seeing that new movie "Get Him to the Greek". It looks like
its gonna be so funny! found some pics at Vibe.com from the movie http://vibe.com/photo-galleries/freeze-frame-get-him-greek

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