GLAM OR SHAM?: Sarah Jessica Parker's Terrible Outfit at the Sex and the City II Afterparty

There's no doubt about it. Sarah Jessica Parker stole the show in her yellow Valentino gown and blonde highlighted curls (see her look below). But an outfit change post-movie, pre-afterparty proved a disastrous choice.

The leading lady opted for a black sheer top, bra and full skirt for her second appearance of the night...and well, she looked a disastrous mess.

The outfit was very Britney Spears meets Morticia. From the ill-fitting full skirt to the uncharacteristically low-hanging breasts, Sarah Jessica Parker's second look of the night did little to flatter her. It's more fitted for, I don't know, a stripper's funeral than the 'Sex and the City II' afterparty.

Pretty disappointing, especially considering SJP hit the silver carpet looking like this.

What do we think of SJP's second look of the night? Glam or Sham?



Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage via The Cut Blog.

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