GLAM OR SHAM?: Giorgio Armani's Costume Sketches for Alicia Keys' Upcoming Tour

For Alicia Keys' upcoming "Element of Freedom" tour, her performance and Giorgio Armani's costumes are a match made in pop culture heaven. 

No stranger to designing for performers (click here to see his work for the incredible Lady Gaga), Armani mixes his iconic glamorous aesthetic with Keys' elegant, understated beauty. The result is one-shoulder dresses that show off Alicia's legs and toned upper body, leggings that cling to her curvy hips and a studded sharp-shouldered jacket that would make Michael Jackson proud.

In my opinion, the costumes are just what the doctor ordered to bring some flair to Alicia Keys' onstage looks. (The all-white outfit from the time I saw her in concert is not cutting it).

But some may feel the over-the-top glamour compromises Alicia Key's true on-stage persona that's conversely raw, relatable and reminiscent of an around-the-way girl. 

What do you think? Are the costumes too glamorous for Alicia, and more Beyonce or Lady Gaga's style? Or is it time Alicia stepped up her glam factor (with some help from Mr. Armani)?





JerzeyGrrl said...

Fab. U. Lous!!

breamarie said...

Love your blog!

I'm nominating you ladies for The Sunshine Award because your blog is Positive and Creative...just like you!


yummy411 said...

i love them, but i don't want to see her in a ball gown...

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the white jacket and leggings most, those are show stoppers that I'm sure the likes of Ms. Rihanna would love.

True Queen

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