GLAM OR SHAM?: Katy Perry's Flashing Lights at the Met Costume Institute Gala

Katy Perry lit up the MET Gala red carpet last night...literally. Her dress, designed by Cute Circuits, was a pile of chiffon and flashing lights...of the Vegas strip kind.

It was spectacle as only Katy Perry (or a red-carpet skipping Lady Gaga) can deliver and certainly energized a rather safe parade of fashions this year. Because if there was one thing the MET Gala red carpet was lacking this time around, it was adventure.

I would never, I repeat never, wear a dress like this because besides the fact that well, it's a pile of Christmas lights, it has to be a safety hazard. Like, what if you get wet in it? That's got to be dangerous.

Still, I found it exciting, fantastical and fun. And it was even cooler on the dance floor.

What do you think, Glamazons? Cool and creative? Or just plain crazy?



Photo: Style.com.

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