Get Old Navy Flip-Flops for $1 A Pair! This Saturday, May 22nd ONLY

Glamazons, scrounge up all the change from the bottom of your purse and under your couch and head to Old Navy this Saturday, May 22nd! The popular retail chain is selling their famous flip flops for $1 each! I'm not kidding you.

$1 can't even buy you a MetroCard (right, New Yorkers?) or a pack of gum, anymore. But for one day only, you can purchase any of Old Navy's classic style flip flops for a single dollar bill. That's my kind of shopping!

See below for details and see you there, Saturday!

 When: Saturday, May 22, 2010
 Where: ALL Old Navy stores nationwide
-Each customer is limited to 5 pairs of flip flops.
-Promotion is for classic styles only (excludes wedges, embellished and leather styles)
-Stores may choose to open early- check local listings for details on specific stores.
-Old Navy’s classic flip flops are styled from a soft, supportive rubber-blend with slimmer straps for a sleek silhouette. (I can attest to this; never will you wear a pair of flip flops more comfortable. Old Navy flip flops and summer are made for each other!)



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