Men's Fly Fashion: Christian Louboutin Men's Shoes Full Collection

When it comes to their Mens' Shoe collection, Christian Louboutin and Swizz Beats have teased us worse than a Catholic schoolgirl on prom night. From twitpics to sightings on Rihanna (hey girls can wear them too!), we've caught glimpses but never laid eyes on the full Christian Louboutin Mens' Shoe collection.

Finally, the wait is over (cue Rihanna). Scroll down for images of the shoes which range from $785-$1,500 via Upscale Hype. Yes, you're gonna have to pay big money for your feet to look this good.

Let us know what you think of the shoes - and which one, if any, you'd pick up. I LOVE those studded black shoes by the way.





Dana said...

It looks like a star studded affair made only for the runway and the brave NYers who dare to be different.

Nadia said...

I think they look ok - but i don't think they deserve such a high price tag! maybe up close they may be better and i hope at that price the fit is comfortable...They are definately better options out there and a more reasonable price.

michelle said...

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