NEW!! Mary J. Blige Launches Sunglasses Line

Truth be told, Mary J. Blige could come out with a line of bedding and we'd love it. She's so gorgeous and strong and regal and raw. Both her perfume and collaboration with Gucci and Degree were big hits in our book.

As we reported in April, her latest venture is a line of sunglasses called "Melodies by MJB." But this isn't your typical celebrity-endorsed product line. The designs are each significant to Mary J. Blige on a personal level; each of the four styles will represent a facet of the singer's life. The line, which will feature four styles in twenty color options, will debut in Fall 2010.

"Melodies by MJB" is the second celebrity brand developed and supported by Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope who also helped launch the popular "Beats by Dr. Dre" headphones. Jimmy predicts that Mary J. Blige's line of sunglasses will be a huge success, already planning for a second collection in Spring 2011.

Are you excited about this launch, Glamazons? I sure am. Mary J. Blige is the sunglasses Queen and I remember buying the white shades she wore on the Share My World cover just because she rocked them! She's always been something of a trendsetter so a line of sunglasses is a logical progression.

Would you wear them?





Dana said...

Absolutely! I just pray I'll be able to afford a pair.

TJ said...

My Life could be my first celebrity perfume purchase. The inspiration behind it sounds so positive! Can't wait to smell it!

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