Beyonce's New Dereon Bedding Line Features Sequins, Studs and Even Mirrors

This just in! Now you can watch Beyonce's videos while wearing Beyonce clothes and spraying Beyonce perfume in Beyonce-designed bedding! Woohoo!

The Dereon and House of Dereon brands have expanded, like Mama Tina promised, to include bedding: sheets, comforters, pillows, shams and coverlets to be exact via WWD. But this isn't your average bedding. It is completely Beyonce-ified.

Expect bedding with such glamorous flourishes as bold colors, sequins, studs and mirrors. Yes, mirrors. 

For all the Beyonce fans who can't wait to sleep the Sasha Fierce way, House of Dereon bedding will cost you $150-$200 while the more affordable Dereon bedding is priced at $50-$100.

Tina Knowles told WWD: "Both Beyonce and I are huge fans of home furnishings and try to stay on top of this ever-changing market." 

I would love to see what their homes look like.

Oh and if that's not enough, Mama Tina reveals plans for towels and table top accessories down the line. I think Beyonce-inspired diapers, furniture, garbage bags, kitchen appliances and carpeting would be a logical next step. 

But I have to say, with all the Dereon ventures, no one's had the idea yet for a lacefront wig line?



Photo Courtesy of NYMag.com

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