Tyra Banks' New Novel, Modelland, Because Models Read Too

As fashion and beauty-obsessed as Ferocia and I are, we turn into certified nerds as soon as we step into a Barnes & Noble. Laugh if you want but our secret book obsession is something we share in common with Tyra Banks. "As you might know, I step into a bookstore and I shake (really!) because I love books so much...Ever since I was a kid, I couldn't wait to pick up a new book and see what worlds the writers had created for me," Tyra said via Modelina.com.

We totally understand, Tyra. The mogul is planning a foray into her beloved literary world with her first book, Modelland. Published by Delacorte Press of Random House, Modelland will be sold in bookstores starting in Summer of 2011.

And in true mogul fashion, Tyra is expanding her company Bankable Enterprises to include Bankable Books AND turning Modelland into a series of three novels. She doesn't waste any time.

I know what you're wondering. What is Modelland? My answer is America's Next Top Model meets Harry Potter. Tyra promises "fierceness and magic, romance and mystery, crazy and wild adventures" and a place "where life can change in the blink of a smoky eye."

Is this a Sam Fine-created smoky eye? Because then, I'm on board.

A world where models are not merely beautiful in an alien, non-human way, but they have super powers too? Like if they "smize" in your direction, you turn to stone? I can dig it.

Ooo...and maybe, they have different powers based on the designer they're wearing. Like if they wear Chanel, they gain super strength, Alexander McQueen, they can morph into different characters. The possibilities are endless! (Told you, I'm a dork).

Would you read Tyra's new Modelland book? Are you excited for her business venture of the moment?





Sadako said...

HP meets Top model was how I reacted when I first heard it. The part of me that eye rolls at smize says "NO WAY." The part of me that reads fashion model YA lit (...it's...er...to snark on my blog...really! sort of!) is intrigued.

Owner_biggestcrime.com said...

It's life imitate art, all over again. A Super Model solving the Biggest Crime In Her Universe http://www.firstbiggestcrime.blogspot.com

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