No More Gen Art! Company Closes Due to Recession

Amber Rose hosted the Gen Art LA Alumni Fashion Celebration 
This just in! After documented financial struggles within the last year, Gen Art has opted to close its doors. So sad.

Founded in 1994 by Ian and Stefan Gerard, Gen Art, the leading arts and entertainment organization, was dedicated to providing a platform for emerging talents in art, music, fashion and film. It boasts such talented designers as Phillip Lim and Zac Posen as alum. Can you imagine a fashion industry without those two designers? Neither can I.

Without Gen Art, there is a gaping void in the art, fashion, music and film industries for up-and-coming talents who deserve exposure. Gen Art was one of the sole companies that championed and embraced the new and the next. 

I always looked forward to discovering fresh, emerging design stars at Gen Art events and thus, am crushed by news of their closing. I can only pray that another company will continue Gen Art's noble mission and unwavering dedication to finding and developing new talent.

This is devastating. Please pay your respects in the comment section below.



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Anonymous said...

This is really sad. it was devasting reading the email knowing that I recently signed up to become a member. I wish someone would step in an help Gen Art. Seriously....

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