Hey Glamazons! This is one fragrance that I seriously can't get enough of. It's not available for purchase until July 2010, but I feel the need to share the news now because I love it that much. What makes it even better is that it's probably the first perfumed juice that I don't mind dousing myself in because it's all for a great cause.
Designer Donna Karan has teamed up with CARE, a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. A portion of pureDKNY'S funding will support CARE's work in Uganda to train women in the practice of Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), a proven approach to empowering women through increased income generating opportunities. A drop of vanilla is a key ingredient in the new fragrance and pureDKNY aims to help expand CARE'S VSLA work by focusing on vanilla bean farmers in Uganda.

Here's what Karan has to say about her new fragrance:
"pureDKNY speaks to the core essence of who I am and what I want to touch - the people and children I love, and being at one with nature. It's about those little moments that bring you joy, pure and simple."

Amen Donna! This stuff brings me plenty of joy. I can't even describe how beautiful it smells; you've just gotta get it and see for yourself! Even the bottle is simplistic gorge and looks so pretty on my boudoir. It's a clear, glass bottle inspired by the shape of a rain drop and is 100% recyclable. (The carton it comes in is made of Certified Forest paper.)
I can, however, describe the scent breakdown for you. As stated earlier, a drop of vanilla in water serves as its signature note. Other features include a Dew-drop Petal Accord, Lotus Flower and Bulgarian Rose, which harmonize with the floral heart of Transparent Jasmine, Freesia and Lush Orchid. The finish is White Amber and Creamy Sandalwood.

The brand tapped Angela Lindvall as the official face for the fragrance due to her "eco-conscious lifestyle." Oh, and did I mention that she's utterly, helplessly gorge?! I met her at the fragrance launch event. I mean, just look at this face. (That's her pictured above.) And the ads will feature not only her, but her boyfriend and son as well. Love! (That's them below.)

3.4 oz: $80
1.7 oz: $60
1.0 oz: $42
Body Butter: $38

Available for purchase beginning July 2010 exclusively at Nordstrom; all fine department stores by August 2010.


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Anonymous said...

Might have to give this scent a try, it's very affordable and you make it sound like heaven.

True Queen

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