WOULD YOU WEAR?: The Peek-a-Boo Bra Trend PLUS Bra Do's and Don'ts

Don't worry. We're not talking about pulling a Lady Gaga and hitting the streets in a coat and see-through underwear. The new bra trend certainly leaves little to the imagination, but it is a (bit) more demure and covered up than that.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've spotted starlets like Sarah Jessica Parker, Janet Jackson and Letoya Luckett letting their bra show freely under sheer and lace blouses.

The trend is not for everyone. No matter how stylish or sexy, some ladies have a problem revealing their underwear. (Though in defense of the trend, I would say, a bra is better than nothing.)

Where do I stand? Well, I'm not completely against the look, when it's done right. But unless it's ultra sophisticated (like Janet) or tastefully sexy (like Letoya), it can look tackier than ever.

Check out the celebs who dared to bare their bra, and scroll down for tips:

Posing alongside former Destiny's Child member, Kelly Rowland, Letoya Luckett lets her bra peek out beneath her sheer and leather dress.

Flaunting her new haircut, Janet's lacy, gray bra adds a feminine flair to her sheer top. 

Leighton Meester gets daringly sexy with a lace turtleneck and pants, with a simple black bra underneath.

Gwen Stefani makes the look casual with red bra under a slouchy top and pants. The pop of color is perfect for her look.

Katie Holmes leaves little to the imagination under a sheer t-shirt. The look is simple yet sexy.

If you're the kind of daring sex kitten who'd love to show a little lingerie, the following tips are a must:

-This is the most important tip of all. If you're showing your bra, please for the love of God let it be a decent bra. Liza Minnelli's strapless bra was all function, no fashion (only the first of her many offenses in that outfit). Not something you want to incorporate into your outfit.

- Make sure you have the right fit. Sarah Jessica Parker's bra was an epic fail because, well, her boobs didn't look pretty. Since you are putting so much emphasis on your girls, make sure they look perky.   And beware: this trend is not for everyone. Too much cleavage can make you look like you should be in a Playboy ad. Not good, unless that was your intention. Wink.

-When it comes to the Peek-a-Boo bra trend, the operative word is..."Peek." Wearing your bra completely out is not the idea, but showing a hint of lingerie is both subtle and sexy. Though she's adorable, Zoe Saldana's look is a bit much to hit the town in. When rocking this trend, remember to cover up, if only slightly.

- Your bra is not merely a part of your outfit, it is the focal point. So it's no longer there just to support your girls, it's there for style. Go for pretty lace numbers or pops of color that add some flair to your look. Here are some chic bras that are just too pretty to be hidden:

With these tips, would you participate in the new Peek-a-Boo bra trend? 



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