Sole Mate: Barbie and My Christian Louboutin Fringed Boots

Barbie stole my shoes.

But I still love her. And she didn't actually steal them.

While I bought my beloved beige fringe Louboutins at a sample sale, Christian Louboutin actually designed Barbie's for her.

As part of Christian Louboutin's collaboration with Mattel, the shoe God is designing a Barbie for every season! Last season saw the Cat Burglar Barbie complete with a sexy, black catsuit and leopard print knee-high boots. HOT!

This time around, Barbie goes safari chic in a khaki, collared tie-up dress, a gold chain belt, pink glasses and those incredible pink suede fringe boots. While the Christian Louboutin Barbie rocks hers with a khaki dress, I'm thinking I'll rock mine with a denim jumpsuit. (Check them out below. I love them more than I do some people...I know, that's wrong but I'm hopelessly addicted to Louboutins).

What do you think of the knee-length fringe Louboutin boots? Don't you just love them? (My roomie declares they're loud and crazy---in her words, something Mary J. Blige would wear---but I think they're AMAZING).

And as if Barbie didn't have enough already (impossibly tiny waist, long legs), the new Louboutin-designed doll comes with an armful of red-bottomed shoes, boxes and bags to mix and match with!

The must-have Louboutin-clad Barbie is available NOW at www.barbiecollector.com for $150. If you're a doll collector (like me) and Louboutin lover, look out for a third one debuting in May. (Will the May Barbie rock those fabu leopard and lace Bridget booties? Only time will tell).



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Tiffany said...

I like Barbie's entire outfit.

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