Paris Fashion Week: Balmain Channels Prince's Purple Rain

Asking Balmain to get rid of strong shoulders is like telling Burberry to abandon trench coats.

So to no one's surprise, Balmain designer, Christophe Decarnin, sent an army of strong-shouldered models down the runway for the presentation yesterday. The fresh spin? Opulent fabrics that signaled a move toward decadence and luxury.

Channeling Louis XVI and Prince's Purple "Reign," as Style.com so brilliantly pointed out, Decarnin designed a line of brocade prints, fur, metallic lame and fringe that embodies both royalty and revelry.

Unfortunately, however, the silhouettes offered no surprise with strong-shouldered, short dresses almost identical to those shown during previous seasons. The aversion to change won't bother everyone though. There are plenty of revealing dresses and gowns Beyonce and Rihanna will be happy to wear on the red carpet.

And, fittingly, there's quite a few brocade blazers, slim pants and sheer blouses that could outfit Prince, whose hits provided the soundtrack for the runway show.

Check out the collection below. Do you love it?



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