Beyonce Opens A Cosmetology Center at The Phoenix House


I love a fashion and beauty-obsessed pop star with a heart of glittery gold.

Beyonce is the latest singer to prove that beauty is as beauty does with her passionate mission to empower the men and women of The Phoenix House.

Her most recent initiative? The launch of The Beyonce Cosmetology Center run out of The Phoenix House today in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

The venture will run as a part of The Phoenix House's Career Academy, a residential treatment and vocational training program. Beyonce's school will prepare residents undergoing treatment for careers in the cosmetology industry in a seventh-month program. The ultimate goal of the program is to give residents the necessary tools to lead financially independent and drug-free lives. Tear. So inspiring!

The singer first visited The Phoenix House to prepare for her role in Cadillac Records, playing a drug-abusing Etta James. Beyonce was so moved by their mission that she donated her entire paycheck from the film to the program.

Beyonce, along with Mama Tina, will speak today at the opening in Brooklyn.

How nobel of Bey to give the gift of beauty, and empowerment, to the residents of the Phoenix House! Donating money is one thing, but giving people the skills to financially support and better themselves is a priceless gift!

My hat goes off to Beyonce. I can totally see her Halo.



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