Mary J. Blige Sets New Fragrance Selling Records on HSN With Her 'My Life' Scent

Remember how we told you guys about Mary J. Blige launching her first fragrance, 'My Life' on HSN? Well, last weekend she hit the airwaves and (in true MJB fashion) set new records. According to the article in today's WWD, she sold over 72,000 units of fragrance and ancillaries in 24 hours. That's $3 million in retail sales! Wowza!
And now, the fragrance industry is starting to take note. I mean, it's already a bonkers idea to even think about selling a fragrance on television (how will you smell it?!)
But, apparently everyone (included myself) loves the singer and didn't mind dropping top dollars for her signature scent. Lucky for them that it really does smell divine!
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to fly down to St. Petersburg, FL last weekend and interview the starlet for Glamour.com (click here to check out her beauty faves!)
Did any of you Glamazons tune in and buy the fragrance? If so, were you able to chat with her over the phone? Who do you think will be the next celebrity to launch their scent on the channel?


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