Alexander Wang Sample Sale

Alexander Wang Sample Sale
August 5-8, 2010
93 Mercer Street
Between Spring & Broome
Up to 80% Off!

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Anonymous said...

Sure there is tons of interest surrounding this sale as I spent hours at work anticipating this sale...only to be slightly disappointed. There is lots of selection but prices are not as low as you think.

T Line - Madison Ave Spy had previously reported T pieces would start at $15, not so. Pieces were in boxes and ranged from $20 (1 box) to $40 (lots of boxes). For the quality (Rayon/polyester) not really worth the $40 or waiting in line. His T line is pretty inexpensive and trying to buy those pieces on sale at Oak/Saks/online pretty much would equal the discount you get here.

Alexander Wang Collection. Some really beautiful pieces in silk, stretchy bandage dress material,cool shredded rocker-chic pieces but you need to try these on b/c they're so body specific and it's hot and crowded in that big store. Prices further deterred me from ripping off my clothes to try on. Big discount off retail but, not exactly sample sale prices that ppl anticipate. Prices were sticker coded ranging from $60-$200+. I think I saw one really unattractive piece for $60 but they were sparse and few pieces for $60/$80. Everything I looked at and was interested in was over $120. Again still a bargain off retail but I'm not rushing to stock up on 5 of the same thing.

Shoes. Very few styles in the combat books, the Rio and some other sandals. They were pricd around $200

Bags. $250, not the $150 previously reported. I saw his messenger bag in fuschia and a clear baby rocco for $250.

I walked out of there with a shoe purchase but partially b/c I had to buy something after waiting so long to get in. Overall, there is a ton of merchandise but while a big discount off retail, not really enough of a discount to motivate me if I had to do it all over again.

I hope this can help in some way shape or form for all those prospective shoppers deciding whether the que is worth it.

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