WOULD YOU WEAR?: Granny Panties

OK, Glamazons, I don't profess to be a fashion expert here, but I am an expert when it comes to the realm of underwear in that I have a horrible obsession with them. And when I say "horrible obsession" I mean that I collect the stuff in hoards and still have plenty with price tags in place that I haven't even worn yet. Without giving out T.M.I. here, just know that I have every sexy shade and cut known to man.
But, granny panties? That would be a negative. I mean, what boy is attracted to you and your high waisted underwear?! Ew.
Now you may be reading this and wondering why I'm even blogging about the topic of granny panties, but I ran across this article stating that women everywhere are ditching their thongs (and other more attractive drawers) for high-waisted briefs. Apparently, all these women are inspired by the full-figured actress Christina Hendricks' character on the TV show Mad Men. According to the Daily Mail article, high-waisted underwear "flatters the hourglass figure by trimming in a woman's stomach and pushing out the hips and breasts."
OK, now let's look at the flip side of this: granny panties are ultra comfy and I'm not totally against the idea of rocking underwear that covers all of your, ahem, assets.
This may not be a bad thing for us, but what about your significant other? Will they still find you attractive in your high waisted knickers when it's "sexy time?" The only woman I can think of that's had success with those undies is the character Bridget Jones..remember these from the film Bridget Jones's Diary?! Hilarious.

And, let's face it ladies, these things make for the worst panty lines known to man! (Panty lines=major epic fashion fail)
There are also several other celebs that have been photographed rocking granny panties (ahem, Lady Gaga...that's her pictured above) but does that make it cool?
What do you think, Glamazons? Do you wear granny panties and happen to think they're perfectly fine?



Shelby said...

I definitely would not wear granny panties! I do not even think I own a pair, definitely an outdated style.

Jill Kocher said...

Not a chance. I'm a basic undies kind of girl, bikini style all the way. Granny panties and other high-waisted styles only highlight any tummy bulge you might have, rather than concealing it.

Anonymous said...

I've never been one for thongs or anything like that. From grade 1 to grade 10 I wore the kiddish brief undies from Hanes and Fruit of the Loom with things like little mermaid, my little pony, barbie, hannah montana, disney princesses, tinkerbell (yes, I wore all of these and only these undies till I was 16 -.-") and after that I only wore the huge cotton granny panties from hanes and fruit of the loom, i'm 27 now and I still only wear granny panties, sure I always have panty lines, and my undies come out of my pants a lot because they're so big, and I get teased a lot (harmless teasing) but I dont mind, my undies are cute and people seem to think so (especially my bf who loves them) so yeah I wear granny panties, and I always will

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