Is It Just Me, Or Did Rutina Wesley Have BloodShot Eyes On The Red Carpet Last Night At The 62nd Annual Emmy Awards?

Guess Rutina Wesley just doesn't know how to cut off from her crazy character Tara on HBO's TrueBlood. (Which, btw, is my most favorite show on television right now!)
Take a look at this photo...her eyes are totally bloodshot, right?! Maybe she has allergies. Or maybe she was just stunned by all the photographers there that she had to strike a pose for? OR maybe she just needs more sleep? (I can definitely relate to that one!) Whatever the case, it looks rather strange, wouldn't you say?
But, I do love seeing her hair neatly coiffed and styled (those braids her character Tara wears need to die) and the red lipstick against her brown skin looks beautiful. (That shade just so happens to be called Vesuvio and is from the NARS Cosmetics Pure Matte lipstick collection.)

Overall, she looked stunning in a black and white strapless Douglas Hannant gown (her body is sick!) But, I just can't get away from those crazy lookin' eyes of hers. What do you think?



Anonymous said...

looks like alcoholic eyes

Lakish said...

This is not the first time you know. I always wondered about that too. Maybe eye drops would help?

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