Madonna Lookalikes Flood Macy's for the Material Girl Launch

If you ever questioned Madonna's iconic status, one sight of the Madonna lookalike Mom and daughter duos that clamored into Macy's for the launch of Material Girl would make you a believer.

According to WWD, the store was overrun with women dressed in blonde wigs, cross earrings, tulle skirts and the like. (Seriously, the line extended from Broadway down to 33rd Street).

The interesting part? Mothers (who partied during the prime of Madonna's career) and their daughters were hand-in-hand on line dressed in Madonna-inspired garb and itching for the chance to shop from Madonna's first fashion line. Surely, that's a testament to the superstar's broad and timeless appeal.

While the launch didn't fare as well in cities outside NYC and LA, Macy's anticipates huge back-to-school sales for the line and accordingly, debuted it in major cities with much fanfare. In NYC, the first 200 shoppers scored a bandeau and were treated to a performance by spokesperson, Taylor Momsen; in LA, fans waiting online were asked Madonna trivia questions, given wristbands and $10 gift cards, and a Kiss FM DJ played Madonna's songs.

Taylor performing.

While WWD seemed surprised both grown folks and teens were dressing up as Madonna, I wouldn't expect anything less. She is a larger-than-life icon whose appeal transcends generational borders. "Vogue" is the most-played song on my ipod, and my younger sister's, and I'm sure my niece will join the party when she gets old enough. Don't you agree that Madonna is just incredibly amazing?

And who doesn't want to dress like her? Ferocia and I took full advantage at The Magazine's 80's party back in the day (see below) because umm, it's fun! If only I was a teenage girl going back to school...

What do you think of the launch pandemonium? And sidenote: was Taylor Momsen the right choice for spokesperson? Teens (or better yet, anyone who can fit it) are you planning on shopping the collection?



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