10 Minutes With: Bryan Greenberg

Alright Glamazons: this one is for all you Bryan Greenberg lovas out there. As part of the Casio Shock The World 2010 event, I was given the opportunity to interview Greenberg before the press conference. That's him pictured above showing off his new timepiece...so cute!
Here's what he had to say:

Ferocia: So, tell us why you're here today.

Bryan: I'm the ambassador for the EDIFICE watch. (whips out his wrist to me) Check it out!
Ferocia: Wow! That's really nice.

Bryan: Yeah. I'm very excited.

Ferocia: So, why are you excited about a watch? Tell me what's exciting about it.

Bryan: Why? [laughing] Well, for me as a guy, you don't really have a lot of accessories, you know. So I don't wear earrings, necklaces or anything like that. The only accessory that I do wear to show off my style is a watch. I like the watch because it takes me through out the day. I mean, I've got so much going on..so many different worlds that I have to step into you know with my music and my acting...nightlife. I can wear this watch in all of those circumstances. Uptown. Downtown. It definitely can go anywhere with this. I can go to a business meeting or jump into the ocean. I can go into the studio with it...

Ferocia: So, wait...you're a musician, too?

Bryan: Yeah!

Ferocia: What do you do? Do you sing? Are you in a band?

Bryan: Yeah, I sing and play guitar. I'm working on a second album right now. Been working on it all month long. This whole month I'm like totally fried because I've been going back and forth from New York to L.A.

Ferocia: How's that going for you? The whole music thing?

Bryan: It's going good! It's so much fun. I love it. Working with some really great musicians and hope to release it later this year.

Ferocia: OK, so now I'm gonna flip the script on you. Let's talk about beauty stuff. Tell me what some of your favorite men's grooming products are.

Bryan: [stares blankly into space]

Ferocia: Are you into men's grooming products? Do you groom?

Bryan: I don't know. I don't groom. [laughing] I mean, I have stuff but whatever they gave me from the makeup trailer is what I use. They'll be like 'Here, take this home and moisturize.' But, I can't even tell you the brand.

Ferocia: Do you feel like before you got into this whole industry that you never did any of that stuff?

Bryan: No, I never moisturized.
Ferocia: I think that's interesting because I meet so many guys that say until some girl tells me this, I don't ever use the stuff.

Bryan: Yeah! Like your girlfriend or something. You know, girls will leave their stuff over and then you just put it on. But otherwise I'm not thinking about that kind of stuff.

Ferocia: What about shampoo and conditioner? Are you into fancy brands or no?

Bryan: Nope, cheap stuff.

Ferocia: As far as what you like to see on a woman, do you like girls with a lot of makeup on?

Bryan: No, no, no. I like the natural beauty.

Ferocia: Do you have a certain scent that you like to smell on a woman?

Bryan: Just no patchouli. It smells like bark. I know, trust me.

Ferocia: Anything else you do? Pluck your eyebrows? Let other girls pluck your eyebrows?

Bryan: Nope. I'm a straight guy. I like bikes and motorcycles. Play basketball. Sorry, I'm not a metro.

Ferocia: Great! So, are you filming a new season of 'How To Make It In America?'

Bryan: Yep, shooting Season 2 in February/March and it should be out by next summer. I'm also shooting a movie right now called 'Friend With Benefits' right now here in the city. And then I've got an indie movie I'm about to start shooting called 'Normals' next month. So, I'm pretty crazy these days. Between that and the music it's insane.

Ferocia: I loved the show 'How To Make It In America.' I always watched and thought that you were probably just as cool as in real life.

Bryan: [laughing] No I'm definitely not as cool as Ben Epstein. I love working on the show. It's so much fun.

Ferocia: What's your favorite part about it?

Bryan: Just being in New York and representing this generation that's hussling and coming up. A lot of people have that in common with the show and what we're trying to say and how we say it in a subtle way. We don't try to beat anybody over the head with it. I just think that it's really real. The writing's really good. I like my character. I like him for his flaws. I like working at HBO. They take risks. I just love my cast. They're awesome to work with. It's one of the coolest things I've worked on for sure.

Ferocia: Do you have any other fave shows on HBO? Like True Blood?

Bryan: No, I haven't watched it yet and don't want to now. I have to start from the beginning with Season 1.

Ferocia: What are some of your favorite shows?

Bryan: The Wire was one of my fave shows of all time.

Ferocia: What kind of music do you listen to?

Bryan: Aw man my taste is all over the place. I listen to a lot of good hip hop. Tons of indie rock. I'm a huge music head.

Ferocia: What kind of music are you working on with your album? Like what genre would you put that in?

Bryan: I'd say laid back. Rock 'n roll. Soul. Kind of like Black Keys.

And there you have it, Glamazons. Bryan is definitely a man's man in that he doesn't have much to say in the realm of anything beauty related. But, he's definitely down-to-earth and a nice guy! And remember to stay away from patchouli if you ever plan on wooing him, ladies hahaha.


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