Lil Kim Opens a Chain of Hair Salons with Cousin Katrise

Confession: I am an obsessive Lil Kim fan. I loved hip hop in the Golden Era (also known as the Bad Boy reign; late '90's) and Lil Kim was a powerful, albeit controversial, female force in the rap industry.

That's why I am excited to hear via TheYBF.com that Lil Kim, alongside cousin Katrise, are expanding Katrise's North Carolina salon, "Salon Se Swa" by building a nationwide chain. According to YBF.com, Salon Se Swa provides $10 wash and sets, $10 haircuts and $35+ relaxers. The promo pictures, which are beautifully shot, were photographed by the amazing Derek Blanks.

Hmm, this is not so far-fetched right? Lil Kim has pioneered beauty and fashion trends, wearing bikinis as an outfit prior to Lady Gaga and parading around in colored wigs long before Nicki Minaj came on the scene. Even if you didn't embrace her style, you have to admit she was a bold, risk-taker and years later, her fashion and beauty footprints are still visible in pop culture.

But none of the above changes the fact that Lil Kim's relationship to beauty has been tumultuous at best. She's undergone so much plastic surgery that she is barely recognizable. Her face hardly resembles that of the woman who hit the scene in the late '90's---and that woman was beautiful.

Add to that Barbie weaves and lace-front wigs, and you don't have the most compelling case for a beauty icon, or the face of a string of beauty salons.

Still, I'm happy to see Lil Kim's name in the paper (because well, I love her) and I wish her the best of luck.

What's your take on Lil Kim's line of salons? Will you support? Would you get your hair done there?

Would you get your hair done at Lil Kim's salon?
SURE - I'm going to support.
NO WAY - I would never set foot in there.
NOT SURE - I'll see how other people's hair looks first.
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1 comment:

sojazzy1 said...

I'm definitely a lover of Lil' Kim as well but with all the face alterations she's had lately I just can't take her seriously as the spokesperson for a hair salon. I know she'll probably more-so just be supplying the funds for the shop so I'm eager to see how successful this shop gets.
Sidenote: She's been putting herself out there in the gossip arena a lot lately. If/when she comes out with a new single that will be very exciting as well!

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