GLAM OR SHAM?: Beyonce's Mixed Prints Gone Awry

Don't kill me. I love Beyonce but this look is all types of wrong.

From the camel toe to the 90's dookie chains on the beach, I don't know where to begin. Ever the trendy dresser, she matched leopard print corset and purse with an ikat Dries van Noten blouse and multi-printed Boxing Kitten shorts.

Does the mixing trend work well for her? You decide.

I'm not a fan of her look, but since Beyonce stans are always looming on the horizon, I'll say something nice: she has an amazing flat stomach and her and Jay have pretty feet?

Discuss: does she look GLAM or a SHAM?



Photo: Ihadheard.com


Plus Model/Writer for Plus Model Magazine/Singer/Songwriter/Actress Nikeya Young said...

TOTAL SHAM!!!! What was she thinking? LOL!

Southern Girl said...

I love Beyonce, but her look is just wrong. The trick to mixing and matching prints is to at least be in the same color family. While she doesn't look horrible, she could tone it down some. But to each his/her own....

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