TWEET TO WIN IT!: Avon's Frizz Control Lotus Shield

Unless you live in the arctic areas of Siberia (it's really cold there, right? I was always horrible at geography smh), your hair is probably a frizzy mess. Not that it would normally be a frizzy mess, but I'm just trying to point out that summertime is here and the weather is hot and steamy. (Hence your hair usually turns into a frizz ball.) If you have a perm, you're a lot better protected than those of that don't. Another option is to get a Brazilian blow-out, but those can be kind of pricey.
Don't worry! We (i.e. The Glamazons) have teamed up with Avon to offer one lucky winner this brand new product that's going to save your hair LIFE this summer. The beauty brand is launching the Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield ($12) in July and, let me tell you, this stuff is the truth! It's technology is based on the fact that it imitates the lotus leaf, which lives in water but has a surface structure that repels droplets of moisture. I've been using the stuff for about a week now and there's no frizz to be found in my hair (even though we're currently experiencing 90 degree temps here in NY...ew). Just wash your hair, towel dry, apply the Lotus Shield and style your hair. Somehow it manages to stick (even if you use heat styling after washing).
You want it now, right!? It's ok to admit it if you do...I want more of the stuff myself!
To win it, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter and re-tweet this post. It's that easy. Coutura and I will pick one lucky winner on Thursday, July 1. Good luck!

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