GLAM OR SHAM?: Kelly Rowland Channels Diana Ross with Big Hair

Yaaasss, Kelly Rowland!

The beautiful R&B songstress' new look is giving me over-the-top, Diana Ross/Donna Summer glamour. To promote her latest album, new video ("Commander" featuring David Guetta) and single ("Grown Woman"), Kelly has been spotted out and about rocking big, curly, voluminous hair.

The show-stopping style begs to be noticed. It frames Miss Kelly's elegant facial features, while making a statement that's decidedly free, fearless and bold. It makes the inner diva in me want to put on some platform shoes and dance in the middle of the street to "I'm Coming Out" underneath a shower of pink glitter.

What do we think of her new look? Is it undeniably GLAM or a tacky SHAM? And check out her video for her hot single "Commander" below:

1 comment:

Frances Williams said...

Love the Commander cover, not so crazy about the second.

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