MAGAZINE GLAM: Lady Gaga's ShotGun Bra on the Cover of Rolling Stone

In her relentless quest to be the next Madonna, Lady Gaga unveiled her iconic shotgun bra on the cover of Rolling Stone's July issue.

The bra doesn't surprise or alarm me because as a Gaga fan, I've seen her in everything from see-through underwear, bubbles (remember her last Rolling Stone cover) to a nun's costume.

And speaking of nuns, the controversial Alejandro video also features Gaga's shotgun bra...in a dance sequence. 

What does thrill me? Those to-die-for pink platform shoes. They give me life, death and resurrection in one glance.

The article might excite you as well. For one, it's the longest, most in-depth interview Gaga's ever given. And it further underscores her obsession with fantasy and mystery. Here are a few quotes that stood out to me (the last one made me laugh out loud).

On Fantasy:

"If I were to ever, God forbid, get hurt onstage and my fans were screaming outside of the hospital, waiting for me to come out, I'd come out as Gaga," she says, adding that she models her celebrity on Michael Jackson. "Michael got burned, and he lifted that glittered glove so damn high so his fans could see him, because he was in the art of show business. That's what we do. I don't even drink water onstage in front of anybody, because I want them to focus on the fantasy of the music."

On Mystery and Nightmares:

Gaga also reveals some deeply personal details for the first time, including her recurring nightmare involving a phantom and a blond girl who's tied up with ropes. "She's got my shoes on from the Grammys," Gaga says. "Go figure — psycho." When presented with the idea that her behavior indicates she's a survivor of a traumatic experience, Gaga says there are limits to what she'll discuss in public. "You have to be careful about how much you reveal to people that look up to you so much."

On Being a "Normal" Girl:

"When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl," she says. "Then I say, 'Bitch, you're Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.' "  

Haha! This girl is crazy. Pick up the cover on newsstands and click here for more.



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