Check Out The Ad For Mariah Carey's New Fragrance, Lollipop Bling

I don't know about you guys, but so far I've loved every fragrance that songtress Mariah Carey has created, so I'm sure that I'll love these cute new fragrances as well.
Inspired by the 2008 proposal from hubby Nick Cannon (he gave her an actual Ring Pop!), Carey is now offering her own interpretations through cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden and Topps Company (makers of the original Ring Pops).
"The inspiration for Lollipop Bling was Nick's marriage proposal to me," she said in a recent press release. "He first surprised me with a ring-pop - romantic, fun and young-at-heart - like me!"
Lollipop Bling is a trio of fragrances based on candy flavors named after Carey's songs and includes Ribbon (which features notes of blue raspberry); Honey (a tropical pineapple infusion) and Mine Again (includes notes of chocolate and raspberry). It hits Macy's and Dilliard's on July 1 and you'll even get a real Ring Pop with your purchase. Each fragrance will retail for $35 (for 1 oz).

What do you think of the advertisement for the fragrance? Is this something that you will be purchasing, Glamazons?



Anonymous said...

I dunno. I don't want to wear a fragrance called "Lollipop Bling" I'll save it for my 16 year old...smh

solesister said...

Hmm Im sure they'll smell good since it after candy.. Ok so maybe its me but is there something wrong with her toe in the poster. My eye kept going to her toe, like it looks dis-figured. I need to see a full close up..

Eileen D. said...

I hope the fragrance smells good but who ever retouched that photo did a bad job. The hair looks like something straight out of those make me over websites

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