A Day in the Life: McDonald's Gets a Healthy Makeover For Summer

Hey Glamazons!

If you read this blog, you know Ferocia and I are fitness buffs. So we were understandably apprehensive when we received an invitation to the McDonald's Taste of Summer event.

Our McDonald's runs are relegated to french-fry binges when we've had a bad day or want to "cheat" on our diets (looking fit and fab in a bikini is not easy, ladies and gentlemen). But never have we regularly indulged in any food item on the McDonald's menu...until now.

Just in time for summer bikini bod diets, McDonald's is offering healthy, guilt-free options on their menu. I kid you not.

There's the Angus Snack Wrap (for the meat eaters) that contains an Angus third-pound patty made of 100 percent Angus beef wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.

It comes in three options: Deluxe (contains tomato, lettuce, red onions, pickles, American cheese, creamy mayo and yellow mustard); Bacon & Cheese (contains red onions, pickles, a strip of bacon, American cheese, ketchup and yellow mustard); and Mushroom Swiss (contains sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese and creamy mayo).

And when it's time to wash it down, do yourself a favor and try one of their delicious smoothies which come in two flavors, Wild Berry and Strawberry Banana. The smoothies are light (each contains real fruit, fruit juice and low-fat yogurt) refreshing and sweet...and best of all I can enjoy them without suffering 30 more minutes on the treadmill to make up for it.
Ferocia and I literally had three cups of Strawberry Banana throughout the Taste of Summer event...and could go easily go for another one right now lol. Also, for those coffee lovers (ahem, Ferocia and I) they've also added created the McCafe Frappe. This is the first blended ice beverage to hit the McDonald's menu!

The Frappes are available in small, medium and large sizes and come in three flavors: Mocha (features a rich, dark chocolate flavor with a hint of coffee and topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizle); and Caramel (features a creamy, caramel flavor with a hint of coffee and topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle). Ferocia was especially partial to the Caramel Frappe, while I was all about the Mocha!

Speaking of the McD's summer soiree, it was hosted by friend of the Glamazons, Bevy Smith. The hostess-with-the-mostess showed up in a Tory Burch wrap dress (the silhouette is a summer staple!) and a pretty shade of purple eyeshadow on her lids (MAC eyeshadow in Nocturnelle).

As for the lips, our Beauty Guru, Ferocia, hooked Bevy up with a newly opened lip gloss (NARS' Angelika from the Limited Edition Lip Gloss collection) right out of her purse (isn't she a sweetheart!?). Since it looked so great on Bevy, Ferocia gave it to her as a parting gift. Sharing is caring (especially when it comes to beauty products..which Ferocia always has an abundance of.) Check out the pic of us below:

We also ran into the fabulous Kitty Bradshaw who recognized us from our radio show on Miss Cocoa Luv.

Fonsworth Bentley made an appearance before his performance at the ADColor Awards Kick-Off party. He looked super suave in khaki pants, a crisp blazer and a striped shirt.

And the gorgeous Alesha Renee chatted with us for a few about the upcoming BET Awards (she'll be interviewing celebs on the red carpet so be sure to check her out!) and her love for all things Texan (both her and Ferocia are Texan gals.) Check our picture with the lovely Alesha above.

 In addition to mingling and chatting with some of our favorite bloggers/media mavens, we were treated to massages and manicures. I opted for a berry shade, while Ferocia chose nude nails.

We even got a chance to interview Chef Daniel Coudreat, who is the Director of Culinary Innovation for McDonald's. We asked him the question every fashion and beauty-crazed girl wants to know: what McDonald's snack can I eat without looking like a beached whale in a bikini when vacation time comes? Watch the video for his honest (and hilarious) answer.

What do you think of McDonald's new healthy menu add-ons?

Ferocia and I are definitely fans! Since I am constantly on the go, I live for fast food---just not the accompanying calories. McDonald's new healthy items are a busy fashion girl's dream: quick, tasty and low on calories.

Give the McCafe Real Fruit Smoothies, McCafe Frappes and Angus Wraps a try and tell me what you think. Trust me, you'll thank us later. Here's to a healthy (and delicious) summer!



Photos: Michel Lavache.

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