Would You Pay $1,000 To See A Fashion Show?

Apparently there are 600 other people that would..and we would too, if we had the money! (Hey, it's for charity.)
We're talking about the FFAWN fashion show happening June 15 at the Museum of Modern Art here in New York. It's the first ever clothing collection from the organization and is designed by Mary J. Blige and Catherine Malandrino. The money raised from ticket sales will be used to cover college tuition for 30 graduates from the Women's Academy of Excellence in the Bronx.
As you know from previous posts, Coutura and I are huge fans of FFAWN and I was more than happy to shell out $39 to purchase Blige and Malandrino's last fashion collabo: this super cute (and comfy!) t-shirt dress they launched in February at Bloomingdale's. (That's me rocking it below after a fun brunch date with Coutura and friends.)

Items in the FFAWN r-t-w collection will include items such as t-shirts ($200) and a studded leather jacket ($3,000). It seems that Malandrino has been doing the design work while Blige has been feeding her friend with inspirational thoughts. (Which we're sure that she has tons of!) No clue as to where items from the clothing line will be sold just yet.
ELLE is the official media sponsor for the event, so be sure to check out highlights from the show in the July 2010 music issue.


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